Thursday, August 5, 2010

Battle of the fictional characters: Round Two

As Elyse posted, she and I can never agree on sides in any book series other than the Host. This is when it gets serious:
Please note there are humongo spoilers!!

Jacob Black v. Edward Cullen
Jacob Black: Bella describes Jacob as a "happy person" who extends this happiness to the people around him. As Jacob's character emerges in New Moon, he is shown to be cheery, passionate, adventurous, but hot-headed. Jacob is also able to phase at will into a giant wolf, and sometimes when angered he will involuntarily phase. His body also heals quickly, he can communicate with his werewolf pack telepathically when in wolf form, and he is physically stronger and faster than a human.
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Edward Cullen: Edward, like all vampires in the Twilight series, possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and agility, and is described as being inhumanly beautiful. Edward has certain abilities that are his alone. He is the fastest of the Cullens, able to outrun any of them. Perhaps as a result of a talent for empathy in his human life, Edward can also read the mind of anyone within a few miles of himself.
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While Edward has the whole immortal thing going on, Jacob has passion and the recklessness of youth going for him. I am betting on Jacob, because I know for a fact that Edward would not mortally wound Jacob out of respect for Bella, while Jacob would feel much less guilt about offing Edward. I also am Team Jacob for personal reasons- He's more passionate, attractive, and dynamic. He is a man and doesn't "put the pussy on a pedestal" like I feel Edward does. Edward... is controlling (you can't be friends with certain people?), manipulative (Oh yeah, we're getting married. You hear that Jacob?!), and Hot/Cold (Ohhh Hilly...). For me Jacob wins the physical and emotional battle here, hands down.
What do you guys think? Team Jacob, or Team Edward?


  1. I refuse to respond to this one...I may have to recreate Round 2 as a separate post.

  2. LOL, Elyse I love you.
    That being said, BRING IT ON.